The Nicolas Joly Savennieres Les Vieux Clos 2017 is made by the biodynamic pioneer Nicolas Joly in Savennieres in the Loire Valley of France. This is 100% Chenin Blanc and, according to us, one of the finest Chenin’s made. He’s been cranking out amazing wine since the 1970’s and is a true minimalist in the winery. No temperature control and fermentation can go on for months, riding on natural yeasts. The wine is aged in either tank or old barrel for 6-8 months with only a few rackings. The combination of incredible vineyard husbandry and thoughtful, yet free winemaking leads to an extraordinary product. These wines are always eye opening, especially when it’s been a while since you’ve tasted one. We opened one to celebrate dry January and our doors were cleanly blown off.

Tasting note: Where to start! To begin with the color, the core of the wine is butterscotch gold with high viscosity. There’s some alcohol here. Intense, developing aromas of almonds, lemon peel, lime juice, pinapple, apricots, marzipan and honey. Bone dry with a full body and high acidity. This is a gentle bruiser with loads of complexity and a long long finish. Lastly, there is plenty more room for development, it will be fascinating to see what happens. Exceptional quality, we’ve come to expect nothing less from Nicolas.

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