A little label explanation is required for this incredible Maison Bertrand Ambroise Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Terres Blanches 2018. This Chardonnay is labeled Victor Fagon, which is a second label from the same Maison destined for export. The name Victor Fagon is a combination of Bertrand’s grandson “Victor” and “Guy- Crescent Fagon” who was a doctor to Louis XIV and an important influence on the wines of Nuits-Saint-Georges. It is the exact same wine as the Ambroise Les Terres Blanches. The quality and value blew our doors clean off. In a land of red wine, this Chardonnay hails from a tiny plot of vines high on the southern side of Nuits-Saint-Georges. Only 3% of the wine from the entire Nuits-Saint-Georges AC is white, so this wine being a rarity is an understatement. And wonderfully so.

Tasting note: Les Terres Blanches is certified organic and the honey-gold color of this wine is thanks to winemaker Bertrand allowing the wine ferment for over 3 weeks. The aromas and flavors are bright and youthful, fresh pineapples, lemons and red apples filling in the fruit column. Baking spices, campfire, buttered popcorn and salt fill in the tertiary column. The body and alcohol are both a comfortable medium and the acidity is high. The texture is dense, absolutely full in the mouth and the finish goes on for days. Lastly, this wine is wildly undervalued and would give any of its neighbors a run for their money.

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