The Noelia Ricci Bianco Forli Bro 2018 hails from Emilia Romagna  and is made of 100% Trebbiano. And is Wildly underrated. First a little background; the name Noelia Ricci is the name of this wine project which began in 2010, but is also the name of the daughter of the original owner. Noelia is the one who recognized the vine growing potential of the estate, therefore it was named after her. Today, it’s her grandson Marco Cirese who is in charge and is leading the estate in a terrific direction. He has 140 hectares of land to work with and has whittled it down to the best 9 hectares. Low intervention methods are the way of the walk and organic conversion is currently happening. Fine, structured Trebbiano and Sangiovese which are approachable, affordable and delicious. Yup.

Tasting note: These young Trebbiano grapes hail from Fiumana di Predappioare, grown in clay and limestone rich soils and stacked with youthful aromas and flavors of oranges, peaches, and apricots. Following closely behind are licks or brine, mint and lavender. Lastly, the body, acidity and alcohol levels all fall comfortably into the medium bracket, with a long finish. This is a wine to ponder for sure, but not for too long because it goes so well with virtually all food stuffs. This wine was a joy to discover, I guess Trebbiano is just not very common in our market. About to pay close attention to all the Trebbiano I see from now on.

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