The Division Winemaking Company Pinot Noir Cent Sans Soufre 2021 is made by Kate Norris and Thomas Monroe in an urban winery in Portland Oregon. Also the home of the Southeast Wine Collective which is a big city building used by many vintners, a nice wine bar and a restaurant serving up some good looking chow. What’s important to understand about Cent is that it is 100% sulfur free. And amazing. Not adding a dash of sulfur before bottling is a real gamble; that being said, they don’t make much of it so we jumped at the opportunity to get some. We’re here to tell ya that we just opened one and it’s delicious. It was a different wine from the first glass to the last, building in aromatic intensity and earthiness. Stunning, get it before we drink it all.

Tasting note: What a treat! This wine turned out so well I wish we had bought more. The aromas started out shy but progressed into a lifted, youthful chorus of cherries, strawberries, and cranberries. Aromas and flavors of licorice, pine needles, yeast, baking spices, tangy citrus peel, cedar and wet, decaying ground poking out between the berries. The body is medium weight, as is the alcohol, with the tannins getting low and the acidity creeping upward. That’s a classic Pinot Noir description if there ever was one. There’s a candied quality to the fruit, much like a Beaujolais when carbonic maceration is used. Medium+ length on the finish and squarely classified as complex.

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