The Chateau de Gaudou Renaissance Malbec 2017 is made by the Gaudou family in the commune Vire-sur-Lot in southwestern France. Fabrice Durou, the families 7th generation is now running the show. Organic certification is his contribution to his families patch of Malbec vines located in the commune Vire-sur-Lot in southwestern France. Amazing Cahors producers are on every corner, many with old vines and some of the roots in the ground at Gaudou are from the 19th century. The word Renaissance in the title of this wine signifies the chateau’s move towards more low intervention wine making techniques and organic vines. We’re very lucky to have a Cahors of this quality at this price, and it’s got the stuffing to develop for a bit. Like to taste it at 10 years.

Tasting note: The Gaudou Renaissance Malbec is earthy and muscular, the descriptors in my note read like a wine student:  ripe raspberries, cherries, and strawberries, thyme, fennel, black pepper, dark chocolate, baking spices, tar and forest fire. And black olives. The finish is long and we are big fans. This would be a good wine to show an Argentinian Malbec lover what’s up with Cahors. The quality and complexity of these wines always knocks me out. Also the invariably low price tag.

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