The Cantalapiedra Viticultores Majuelo del Chiviritero La Seca 2015 is made by father and son Isaac and Manuel Cantalapiedra. They make wine in Castilla y Leon, a huge region of northwest Spain where they farm 20 hectares of vines and bottle 7 hectares under their own label. To further pick apart the title of this wine, they hail from a town called La Seca, which is within the Rueda DO. This region is known for it’s Verdejo and the Cantalapiedra  family grows certified organic Verdejo with some biodynamic leanings. This is just another outstanding wine from Spain which has yet to have its price catch up to its quality. And a white wine to boot, we are nuts about expressive white wines from predominately red wine regions. If you’re in agreement you should check out this wine.

Tasting note: The appearance of the core of this Majuelo del Chiviritero 2015 is honey yellow with medium intense, developing aromas of peaches, pineapple, pepper, almonds, gasoline, jasmine and honey. Dry and medium in weight with an uptick of acidity and a dash of bitterness. To the aroma list we’d add lime peel and a splash of salty brine. Lastly, a very long finish and squarely categorized as complex. Delicious in every way and developing into a prize fighter with a long name.

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