The Champ Divin Cuvee Castor 2018 is made by husband and wife team Fabrice and Valerie Closset-Gaziaux. They purchased five hectares of land in the limestone-laced south Revermont region of the Jura in eastern France. Two hectares of Pinot Noir, two hectares of Chardonnay, and one of Savagnin. The Cuvee Castor is a blend of equal parts Chardonnay and Savagnin and made in the non-oxidative style, topping up and all that. Not the normal routine in the Jura if you didn’t know. Their divine fields are both certified organic and biodynamic, and they keep bee’s and we think bee keeping is a worthwhile hobby. We were very happy to get the message telling us this wine was available, and an incredible bargain to boot. One hours drive east is Burgundy where a bottle of wine this caliber would be several times the price. Go Jura!

Tasting note: The Cuvee Castor is made of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Savagnin grown on jagged limestone and marly soils respectively. It’s brassy yellow color and aromas of pineapples, lemon curd, baking spices, green apples and brine confuse the senses. California or Burgundy? Neither dummy, Jura. There are flavors of pineapples, lemon curd, lime peel, salt, smoke and cedar. The body and alcohol are a medium while the acidity climbs to a medium+. This acidity should lead to lots of room for development. My bet is this will be singing in 2028.

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