The Domaine d’Aupilhac Les Cocalieres Blanc 2015 is made by the Fadat family in Montpeyroux near the city of Montpellier in southern France. The Les Cocalieres is a standout white wine in a sea of muscular red wines. The Marsanne and Roussanne in this wine grows on high slopes of limestone and ancient volcanic basalt. Acid retention is the key to this wines success, secured by being high in the hills and having a northwest exposure to the sun. This is no flabby white wine, but a sharp expression of a couple of grape varieties that can make complex wines with potential to develop over the years. It tastes good too.

Tasting note: The Les Cocalieres Blanc is made from a blend of Roussane, Marsanne, Rolle, and Grenache Blanc. The color grabs your attention right away, the color of rust but it isn’t an orange wine. Clean and developing aromas of pineapples, melons, lemons, orange marmalade, almonds, fennel and brine. The flavor seconds the aromas, with dried apricots, citrus peel and white pepper showing up. The acidity is medium+ and the finish is long. This fits squarely in the “complex” category and is an absolute steal.

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