We noticed a case of Gota Azahar Vinho Verde 2018 still kicking around the warehouse and since the weather here in Seattle has turned to Spring, we grabbed a bottle for dinner. A few things about Vinho Verde; it’s a style of white wine (a teeny tiny amount of red is produced) that hails from the verdant northwest of Portugal, just inland from the Atlantic. A lot of Vinho Verde are vintage-less and have a slight sparkle, might be a little sweet, and are made to drink within the year of its release. That is not the case with the Gota Azahar Vinho Verde. It’s a dry, briny, fresh white wine made from organic vineyards on slabs of granite, and is at the uppermost  alcohol level of 11.5%. And it’s from 2018, with a lot of stuffing left for some further development. We’re loving it, not to mention the beautiful label that sets an accurate tone.

Tasting note: The color is a brassy yellow and the aromas are gently citric. Granny smith applecome to mind, so does orange zest and pickle brine. The flavors are high-toned and equally of the sea with brine, lemon juice, orange zest and green apple. Flecks of almond linger in the background of the forever finish. The body of this wine is medium, but at the low end of the spectrum, water weight. High acidity, similar to the sensation of taking a bite out of a granny smith apple. This is a breezy, sea air wine, much like a wine from Rias Baixas. Just begging to be paired with an oozy Serra da Estrela cheese.

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