The Matetic EQ Syrah 2011 is made by Matetic Vineyards, one of the few biodynamic wine producers in Chile. Nestled between the Casablanca and San Antonio Valleys, this 16,000 hectare estate is home to grapes, roaming sheep, lots of blueberries, and a hotel. As a result of being within 10 miles of the ocean, Matetic benefits from the almighty diurnal shift. Quick review, this is the difference between the average daytime temperature and average nighttime temperature. This shift is responsible for retaining freshness and acidity in grapes and subsequently leads to a wine that ages extremely well. Recently we opened a bottle of the 2011 and was blow away by how fresh it was.

Tasting note: You would never know this is over ten years old. Aromas of fennel, pine resin, thyme, raspberries, black pepper, campfire, and burnt orange peel. The palate is full bodied with medium+ alcohol, medium acidity and medium tannin.  Loads of spicy, date-like fruit flavors, black pepper, cedar, licorice, orange peel, and campfire. The tannins are powdery fine and well integrated and the uptick of acidity keeps it fresh and bouncy. Lastly, the finish is long and the complexity is high. There is easily room for twenty more years of development. Outstanding.

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