The Clemens Busch Marienburg GG Riesling 2015 is made by Clemens Busch and his wife Rita in the Mosel region of Germany. They took over the family estate in 1984 and slowly began buying up all of the hectares on the Pundericher they could. This is a super steep, 25 hectare south/southwest facing hillside overlooking the village of Punderich. They currently own 11 of those 25 hectares and make some outstanding Riesling from the produce. It’s a uniquely divided piece of land with various microclimates and soil compositions. They make several different bottlings reflecting this. Resulting in a bunch of truly superior bottles, but we’re partial to the Marienberg GG.

Tasting note: The Marienburg GG has a grey capsule indicating that this Riesling comes from a part of the slope loaded with grey slate. This is a dry Riesling with clean, medium intense aromas that straddle youthfulness and development. Youthful due to the acute clarity of the fruit aromas and flavors, and development because it has a distinct oxidative, almond aroma which floats underneath the waves of fruit and brine. Peach, lemon, pineapple, strawberry jam, almonds, and salty brine aromas abound. Dry with a medium body, medium alcohol and high acidity. Incredibly attractive, sweet, ripe apple flavor, peach, lemon, and melon with a salty crispness that tingles the cheeks for minutes. The final conclusion is crazy high quality and high complexity. And high acidity which will aid in another 20 years of development, easy.

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