The Prieler Seeberg Pinot Blanc 2012 is made by the Prieler family, at the Seeberg vineyard, and as you may have guessed, Pinot Blanc is the grape. The Prielers have an incredible, biodynamically powered vineyard on the western side of Lake Neusiedl in Schutzen. Side note, at its deepest, Lake Neusiedl is just under 6 feet deep. This is a big, big puddle that creates a unique microclimate for the regions grapes. Natural pest management, rigorous pruning, and multiple tries are part of the meticulous work the Prieler’s throw down in the vineyard. Multiple sorting and using pied de cuve to start fermentations are a few of the good winery practices they put to use. All this contributes to the many accolades they’ve received from many respected wine journalists. And merchants too; we are huge fans.

Tasting note: On first sniff the Prieler Pinot Blanc has a salty, briny tang, followed by aromas of lemons, oranges, limes, grapefruit, peach, and smoke. The body, alcohol, and acid are all medium amounts, with flavors of oranges, limes, and crunchy peaches. Above all, the briny notes and citrus tang are up front and in your face. Consequently the wine has a prickly, spicy dimension. Lastly, the finish is long and expressive. The wine is highly complex and manages to get into every nook of your mouth, tingling the teeth.

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