The J.K. Carriere Lucidite Chardonnay 2014 is made by Jim Prosser, an ardent Oregon winemaker who first established his winery in a hazelnut drying barn in 1999. After that, he built a modern winery in 2009 on Parrett Mountain and currently produces sought after Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We would say he takes a Burgundian approach to winemaking, focusing on expressing Oregon terroir and creating wines with the structure for long ageing. In addition, he uses organic and biodynamic methods in the vineyard and the wines are made in a low intervention style. The 2014 Lucidite Chardonnay grapes come from Temperance Hill Vineyard, and organic vineyard at the top of Eola-Amity Hills. This Lucidite Chardonnay is ageing beautifully.

Tasting note: We were lucky to get our hands on one case of 2014 Lucidite Chardonnay. This is a terrific example of Oregon Chardonnay, produced with a nod towards Burgundy. The wine has developed aromas and flavors of lemon and pear, almond, butter, cream, cedar, and salt. This is impeccable, skillful winemaking that illustrates the plentiful, excellent 2014 vintage. We opened one of these in early 2021 and it resonated with energetic fresh fruit. Not bad for having seven years under its belt. The structure leads us to believe this wine has decades of development ahead. Therefore, drink it now or bury it in your backyard time capsule for drinking enjoyment in 2041.

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