Achard-Vincent Clairette de Die Brut is made in Die, a region in southeastern France whose sparkling wine production dates back centuries. The largest employer of Die’s tiny population is the Clairette de Die Cooperative. The whole community is steeped in sparkling wine production. Good sparkling wine I should add, this is the most underrated wine we have ever come across. The Achard-Vincent vines have been farmed organically since the 1970’s and certified in 1982. The move towards biodynamics began in the early 2000’s and they became certified in 2007. The wines they create have loads of personality and well as being delicious and food versatile. Maybe you won’t find the depths of Champagne, but the quality is off the charts for the price. There just isn’t a ton of it produced, so plan ahead and stock up on Clairette de Die.

Tasting note: Made from 100% Clairette, this ancient grape variety also goes under the synonyms Ugni Blanc and Bourboulenc. Names that bring a flood of WSET memories back into my brain. The Achard-Vincent Clairette de Die Brut is made using the traditional method, with aromas and flavors of apples, pears, and lemons, with a fine mousse and a touch of the biscuit character found in good Champagne. Incredibly appetizing, one of the most food friendly wines we’ve come across. If you want to be viewed as a genius by your subset, replace Prosecco with Clairette de Die for a wedding party or a holiday get together. You’ll be carried through the streets on your cousins shoulders.

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