The Chateau Henri Bonnaud Quintessence Blanc is produced from 14 hectares of vines in the tiny Palette AC in Provence. The vineyards have been certified organic since 2013. The wines are herbaceous, earthy, complex, delicious, and importantly, exported. Chateau Henri Bonnaud is comfortably situated in the foothills of Mont Sainte-Victoire in a natural limestone amphitheater, providing shelter from the blasting mistral. The reds are classic in style and worthy of their own entry, but today, we’re focused on the Quintessence Blanc, one of our new favorite whites. A white wine that is wildly aromatic and made from uncommon grape varieties Clairette Blanche and Ugni Blanc. We got our hands on some of the 2014 and are loving it; scroll down for a tasting note and the link to order.

Tasting note: The Quintessence Blanc is made from a blend of Clairette Blanche and Ugni Blanc and has sincerely benefited from years of development. When the cork is pulled the herb aromas spring from the bottle. Aromas and flavors of fennel, thyme, cedar, marzipan, lemon peach, and pineapple. The profile is a happy medium all around, including the acidity, which feels like an anomaly in a world of “zippy” wines. Long finish and enough complexity to ponder. What keeps us returning to the glass is the texture. Pillow soft and rich, relaxed, pleasant. We’d predict another 3-5 years of development before this cushy soft ride goes flat.

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