The Tenute Dettori Romangia Bianco is produced using biodynamic methods on the Italian island Sardegna. They make a string wild wines using low intervention methods. This 100% Vermentino Romangia Bianco is complex, earthy, and nutty. A stunner. Dettori classifies this wine as an IGT even though Vermentino was awarded its own DOCG. Italian rules and regulations need not apply. Liguria, Piemonte, southern France and the French island Corse all make their own interpretations of Vermentino. However, our favorite versions come from islands, Dettori on Sardegna and Antoine Arena on Corse. Vermentino is noted to benefit from proximity to the sea in the book Wine Grapes. We agree.

Tasting note: This youthful Vermentino is golden in color thanks to a few days of skin maceration before pressing. Aromas and flavors of lily, rose and lavender stand shoulder to shoulder with grapefruit, peach, lemon, earl grey, brine, bitter almond and citrus zest. The body is full and the alcohol is high (15.5%). In addition, the finish is miles long. This wines tannic edge makes it a completely appropriate pairing for rich, savory main courses. Letting this wine breath after pulling the cork is the smart move. Additionally, decanting may be a good idea. Instructions not often received regarding a white wine, huh? This wine is experiential as much as it is delicious.

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